Addresses and links useful by genealogical research:
Genealogical sites
Digital telephone directories of Ukraine
State archives in Poland

Administration division: Ukraine 1900 • Ukraine 2004

Ancestor charts of members of the Worsten Genealogical Society: Ukraine

Auxiliary materials for genealogists
Greater Poland Digital Library ( Genealogy • Poland • Galicia • Ukraine • Volhynia

Civil Registration Offices: x

Fourlingual dictionary for Polish and Ukrainian genealogical research
Surnames in Ukraine
Europe regions and genealogical links

Multlingual genealogical dictionary
Multilingual dictionary of professions, duties and ranks

European families: Ukraine
We are presenting families of members and symphatizers of the Worsten Genealogical Society (fragments of the family trees with families living in the concerning community)

Genealogical bibliography
1) regions: Poland • Ukraine
2) families: Polish
3) Bibliographical database on the history of Eastern Central Europe (The
Herder Institute in Marburg)